World Science Festival Brisbane Science of Beatboxing

22 Mar 2024, 10am & 11:45am
Auditorium 1, State Library of Queensland, SLQ

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Beatboxers are capable of producing sounds that one might never expect. These artists use a combination of mouth, lips, tongue and voice in a way that have fascinated scientists.

Vocal explorer and songwriter Mal Webb takes you on a lip to lung journey through the physics, physiology and phrivolity of all the sounds a face can make. In this interactive show, you will learn the amazing beatboxing secrets and how the enthralling array of sounds can be produced.

This program explores Critical and Creative Thinking, Science as a Human Endeavour and Science Inquiry for Years P-6, with key curriculum links in Physical Science for Years P-2,4 and Music for Years P-6.

Presented by Queensland Museum

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