Calligraphy 1 Day Basic

14 Oct 2023
Queensland Museum Cobb+Co, Toowoomba
7 hours
(Approximately 7 hours, subject to change without notice)

Perfect your Gothic penmanship under the expert instruction of experienced calligraphy artist Ramli Salehkon in this one day calligraphy workshop. Get back to basics and fall in love with the romance of medieval handwriting!

In this workshop you can practise the unique style of the classic Gothic Blackletter Script known as the Textura Quadrata. Learn the heritage of the lettering style of blackletter calligraphy. Pilot Parallel pens with 3.8 mm nibs, papers, markers and ink cartridges will be provided for you to take home, as well as a folder with materials and instructions with your name written in blackletter by Ramli.

Participants will be guided on the correct way of writing blackletter including the correct finger, wrist and arm movements ('the whole arm technique') to get the unique blackletter 'picket fences' straight and the beautiful curves perfected! Various forms of writing the Gothic capitals will be demonstrated with flourishes and swashes and participants will be guided and corrected on their strokes and finishing touches. 

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL: Cost includes tuition, materials and meals.

Presented by Cobb+Co Museum