The Whitlams Eternal Nightcap 25 Years Concert

16 Sep 2022
South Bank Piazza
2 hours
(no interval, subject to change without notice)

Recapture the mad, emotional, love-hungry contagion of your 20s

The Whitlam’s classic album “Eternal Nightcap” turns 25 this September, and the band will mark the anniversary by playing it in its entirety in a series of one-off concerts around the country.

The album single-handedly brought the piano back onto the youth airwaves in 1997 and propelled them to Best Group at the 1998 ARIA Awards, where they dropped to their knees before Gough Whitlam who had just announced, “It’s my family”.

“Eternal Nightcap” captured the hearts of a generation by describing a whole decade of life - the mad, emotional, love-hungry contagion of your 20s - in one album, where love (“Melbourne”), heart wreck (“Life’s a Beach”), mad parties (“You Sound Like Louis Burdett”), weirdness (“No Aphrodisiac”) and tragic friendship (The Charlie trilogy) coexist in wide-eyed wonder.

Presented by Brisbane Festival

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