Prohibition Party

Saturday 3 September
The Workshops Rail Museum
4 hours
(6pm-10pm, subject to change without notice)

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Are you ready to celebrate the Roaring Twenties?

We know, a Prohibition Party shouldn’t be made public but it is 2022 after all and alcohol these days is legal.

In the spirit of prohibition, there’s an air of mystery to the event. Nothing good comes easy, and during prohibition that was absolutely true! So while we’re throwing the party and you know where we live, the finer details will only come once you book.

Let’s just say we’re inviting you to drink, dance and explore your way through the glitz and glam of the Roaring Twenties.

Dress to impress, grab a ‘bootleg’ brew, try your hand at ‘play poker’ in the museum’s games parlour and explore the authentic heritage setting.

Hit the dance floor and swoon to the Jazz Age tunes and hop on an historic first class train carriage and steal a few photos before the guards check your tickets!

This is an 18+ event and ID will be requested upon arrival and to purchase alcohol from the underground bar. Eftpos and cash accepted – any money is good money.

There’s a prize for best dressed!

Attendance Information

Age Restrictions

Please note this is an 18+ event and ID will be requested upon arrival and to purchase alcohol from the 'underground' bar.

Dress Code

Bring your a-game when it comes to being decked out in jazz-era finery. Fellas think sharp suits, waistcoats, fine ties, suspenders, hats, pocketwatches and everything in a pinstripe. Ladies, it’s all about the flapper dress and feathered headpiece. Go bright and vibrant or black and dangerous, it’s up to you. Prohibition staple trend was light, free-flowing flapper dresses. If you can dance the Charleston with a fringe flick, you’re good to go!

Food and Drink

On the night we will be selling beer, wine and basic spirits. Our drinks will be served cold and with a smile and wink because we’re pretending it’s the Prohibition era and illegal to drink.

A party wouldn’t be a party without delectable delights so there will be finger food for sale throughout the night

Presented by The Workshops Rail Museum as part of Ipswich Festival’s Galvanized event.

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