World Science Festival Brisbane Pigeon Fool

20 - 24 Mar
Queensland Museum Kurilpa, Brisbane

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What does it mean to be human in an age of artificial intelligence? What do we have left that can’t be simulated, recreated or taken away by the machines? And is it just that the robots are becoming more human, or are we humans becoming more robotic?

Counterpilot's new experience, Pigeon Fool interrogates humanness in the AI revolution by subjecting participants to a theatrical Turing Test. Drawing influence from the critically acclaimed performance work TRUTHMACHINE, which involved a theatrical polygraph test (complete with working lie detector and high-tech digital design) to explore ideas of truth in a post-truth world, Pigeon Fool takes the next step, playfully challenging audiences with theatrical exposition and anecdotes.

Pigeon Fool is an interactive performance work that enacts scientific social experiments with theatrical panache. With rich technical design, surprising gameplay and unexpected gestures of the surreal, this is a unique experience for audiences of all ages.

Director's Note: Counterpilot wishes to advise that this performance uses artificial intelligence systems that involve third party cloud-based processes. During interactive components of the performance, your voice or answers may be captured and processed via various means for the purposes of the performance. Counterpilot ensures that any data captured for the performance is used only for the purposes of staging Pigeon Fool and is not retained, stored, shared or used by any third parties, or by Counterpilot outside the scope of the performance.

By purchasing a ticket for Pigeon Fool at World Science Festival Brisbane 2024, you acknowledge your participation is subject to these AI systems.

World Science Festival Brisbane presents Pigeon Fool by Counterpilot

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