World Science Festival Brisbane The Golden Age of Space Exploration

22 Mar 2023
Playhouse, QPAC
1 hour 30 minutes
(no interval, subject to change without notice)
$60 *
* A transaction fee of $7.20 applies.

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Before this decade is over, a woman and person of colour will set foot on the moon.  Their presence will not only mark humanity’s triumphant return to the lunar surface, but will mark the beginning of what is potentially a new, golden age of human space exploration, with human exploration of Mars planned within less than a decade, followed by the potential establishment of a permanent base there.  Non-human missions will land on Venus and the moons of Jupiter, and will seek life on other planets similar to our own.  All of this will involve international both public/private sector cooperation. 

Join Brian Greene as he talks to NASA’s outgoing head scientist, Thomas Zurbuchen, and representatives from the European Space Agency and private sector space exploration enterprises for a discussion of what the future holds as space exploration enters its New Golden Age.

Presented by World Science Festival Brisbane and World Science Festival New York

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