World Science Festival Brisbane Rare and Feathered The Buff-Breasted Button-Quail and Other Birding Mysteries

25 Mar 2023
Queensland Museum Kurilpa, Brisbane

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For more than 100 years, birdwatchers have searched for evidence that one of Australia’s rarest native birds, the mysterious buff-breasted button-quail, is not extinct.   

Back by popular demand, former Queensland Chief Scientist, conservation biologist and passionate bird watcher Professor Hugh Possingham leads a panel of experts to discuss the mystery of the buff-breasted button-quail and other intriguing tales from the bird watching frontline. Join them for an exhilarating fly through of some of our most beautiful and rare birds and hear how libraries and museums are preserving and restoring books, bird specimens and collections and the ways in which scientists continue to refer to these works of art.  

Presented by World Science Festival Brisbane and Queensland Museum Network

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