Opera Queensland The Frog Prince

21 Sep and 23 Sep
Opera Queensland Studio
50 minutes
(no interval, subject to change without notice)

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Featuring an energetic cast of young performers, this bright and quirky production introduces Opera’s youngest fans to composers such as MozartRossini and Bizet.

In this classic Grimm tale, a spoiled princess encounters a sassy frog and an unlikely friendship blossoms.

The stakes are heightened as the loyalty of the selfish princess is tested and the frog is magically transformed into a punkish prince. They embark on a fantastical and uplifting journey as they learn about acceptance and the importance of friendship.

Featuring striking costume design by Bianca BulleyOpera Queensland’s Assistant Head of Wardrobe, The Frog Prince leaps into the 21st century with all the transformative wonder that you’ve come to expect when Opera Queensland and shake & stir theatre co. work together.

Presented by Opera Queensland in creative collaboration with shake & stir theatre co.